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I address the effect of the past on the present in some way in almost every book I write. While I suppose some events do occur “for no reason” or “out of the blue” or maybe even “in a vacuum,” most do not. From a genealogical perspective, I’ve said before and probably will again, everyone whose ancestors migrated from another country had very different lives from those who stayed in the mother country. The effects of those differences continue down through the generations. Some of the effects are due to the migration itself, but some are due to why and how the individuals migrated. Did they come by choice? Did they come as wealthy landowners, second sons, adventurers, mail-order brides, indentured servants, debtors, criminals, or slaves?

Certainly not all true stories that began in the middle of slavery have an ending similar to the one in MAMA’S SECRET. What if those endings could be rewritten? Why can’t we change the ends of those stories even now? In fiction, every story is supposed to begin with a “what if.” Why can’t we rewrite our true stories by rewriting our “what ifs”?

Have you had an opportunity to change the course of your life or someone else’s life by grasping at a “what if”? What choice was made? What was the outcome?

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